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Getting ready for the Winter 2016/2017 term?

Our Mathematics Preparation for Engineers and Review of Algebra courses are held at the beginning of the term. Get the edge and refresh your mathematical memory before the term gets underway!

If you need a bit of help getting ready for your exams, we’re here for you. Over the years, thousands of students have received help in everything from effective studying for exams to topic-by-topic reviews of important areas in a number of courses.

Options for those seeking additional help include ongoing small-group weekly seminars, as well as midterm and final exam review workshops in a number of areas.

Carmen & Markus


We are presently offering the following :

Review of Integration Techniques for current Math 201/209 students will be held January 15. 2017, 12:30pm – 3:00pm in SAB 326. Registration at CAB 289 or online at the MASC Store. Fee: $25  (incl.GST)


Math 115 Prep Session for current Math 115 students will be held January 15. 2017, 1:00pm – 3:30pm in SAB 325. Registration at CAB 289 or online at the MASC Store. Fee: $25 (incl.GST)     


Weekly Seminars held from the end of January to the end of the term provide a weekly 1.5-hour review of current course material in an informal small-group seminar setting. Currently offered are: MATH 101, MATH 102, MATH 115, Math 201, and MATH 300. (includes Midterm and Final Exam Reviews)


Math 114 Seminars (PostCalc) consists of five weeks of three 50 min. classes or two 80 min. classes per week. The seminars will start in late February and continue to the end of the term.

Midterm Exam Reviews for a number of courses will be offered to assist in preparing for midterms. These three-hour classes are designed specifically for each course and provide an intensive topic-by-topic review of typical exam questions. A package of exam-type problems and solutions is also included with each review.


Final Exam Reviews are four-hour classes offered by MASC to prepare for final exams, and are held just prior to the final exams. A package of exam-type problems with solutions are also included.

MASC is a proud supporter of:

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